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The Programming Assistance Center (PAC) at UNH is a free resource provided to students who are enrolled in a programming-intensive CS or IT course. It is managed by Professor Matthew Plumlee. Matt has granted me the opportunity to teach as a consultant for around 5 years, instructing students in programming concepts, data structures, and debugging.

Development on the app began with the help of UNH alumn Bobby Moore. (An older version of the Help App was coded by Matt and other alumni; the latest version is no longer using this code base.)

The app has 3 primary components: a server, a student GUI, and a consultant GUI. Their powers combined, you can live-stream the latest developments in student compiler and runtime errors right to your home monitor. Development was stunted after Bobby took "a real job", and a laptop raced me down two flights of stairs (last thing it ran). The app is presently maintained by Matt Plumlee and the help of Alicia O'Brien, Chris Len, and Kyle.

The BitBucket repository contains sample Java code for multithreading, networking, and two GUI components. I hope students benefit from having this source available, although a few practices are discouraged (the overuse of synchronized leaps to mind). If you encounter bugs, please do not hesitate to email Matt with your detailed complaint. Or better, just file an anonymous bug report.

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